April 8, 2022

Conflicts of Interest

Disclosure of specific material conflicts of interest and the steps Camber has taken to address them.



Conflicts of Interest

Camber Capital Co. (“Camber”) is a registered Portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer regulated, primarily, by the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC), a member of the Canadian Securities Administrators (“CSA”). Canadian securities laws require Camber to take reasonable steps to identify and respond to existing, or reasonably foreseeable, material conflicts of interest. This Statement describes the potential material conflicts of interest that arise or may arise in our capacity as your portfolio manager.

At Camber, we believe in financial planning, evidenced-based decision-making, leveraging technology, and, always, acting in the client’s best interest. We are committed to building your wealth in an open, honest and transparent manner. In line with this commitment, we continuously work to identify, disclose, and manage any material conflicts.

In general, we deal with and manage relevant conflicts as follows:

    Avoidance: This includes avoiding conflicts that are prohibited by law as well as      conflicts that cannot effectively be addressed.

     Control: We manage acceptable conflicts through means such as physically      separating different business functions and limiting the internal exchange of      information.

     Disclosure: By providing you with information about conflicts, you are able to      assess independently their significance when evaluating our recommendations      and any actions we may take.

The table below summarizes specific material conflicts of interest and how Camber has addressed them.

If you have any questions regarding these potential conflicts of interest or how we avoid or manage them, please contact us at CamberHQ@camberco.ca.