March 22, 2022

Is Camber safe?

It's a good thing to question the safety of your investments, and we can answer confidently



Yes, Camber is safe.

This is a very important question, and we are glad you asked. Unequivocally, yes, Camber is safe. We are as safe as any big Canadian bank, with the same safeguards, insurances, regulatory oversights, and controls. 

Licence & Registration

Camber is a registered portfolio manager governed by the Canadian Securities Administrators and, primarily, by the Alberta Securities Commission. You can check our licensing here. As a licensed portfolio manager, Camber has a fiduciary responsibility to our clients to act with care, honesty, and in good faith, always putting the interests of our clients first.

Bank-level protection

The money you have entrusted us to invest on your behalf is not held by Camber but is held with National Bank Independent Network (NBIN). NBIN is a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada, which is a publicly traded, federally incorporated, Schedule I bank, regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI).

NBIN is Canada’s largest provider of custody, clearing, and execution services, supporting over 400 independent wealth management firms, like Camber, safekeeping $300+ billion in assets across over 1,000,000 Canadian investors. 


Partnering with NBIN provides our clients with bank-level safety and security. Accounts held with NBIN are covered under CIPF and CDIC insurances.

Worst-case scenario

If Camber were to go bankrupt, get hacked, or go out of business, your money and investment accounts would be largely unaffected, as your assets are held by NBIN and are registered in your name.  You would simply have to transfer those investments to another advisor.


In today’s digital age, your privacy and data security is more important than ever. At Camber, we take your privacy very seriously. From the way we store documents to the partners we select to work with, every decision takes both privacy and security into consideration.