March 29, 2022

What makes Camber different?

Every great company starts as an insurgent – at war against their industry, on behalf of underserved customers



The Canadian wealth management industry is broken. Customers pay too much and receive too little. We created Camber to bring necessary change to the industry.

What’s wrong with the industry?

  • Conflicted interest & sales culture - The industry is based on selling financial products and generating commissions. “Financial advisors” are wonderful salespeople who often lack even a basic understanding of investing, tax, and personal finance.
  • Lack of optimization – Getting the most out of your money starts with getting your financial house in order and defining your objectives, not selecting investment products.
  • Bad investments - Most investment strategies have no evidence behind them. They are based on short-term trends, predictions of the future, and a good story – none of which lead to strong investment performance.
  • Old technology – Modern advice requires modern software. Excel sheets and complex PDF reports don’t cut it.

How are we different?

  • Independence - We are unconstrained, unbiased, and unbound to conflicting incentives. We are free to choose the best investment providers and are only compensated by our posted fee.
  • Financial planning - Our Camber Dashboards focus on simplifying and organizing your financial life, allowing you to define your objectives and make meaningful improvements that compound.
  • Investment philosophy - It is evidence-based, systematic, low-cost, and globally diversified. (Learn more here.)
  • Technology - We partner with Canada’s leading financial advice software to ensure accurate and holistic answers to your money-related questions.    

Our services come with a dedicated team whose goal is to build lifelong relationships.  

The first step to becoming a Camber client is to build a Camber dashboard. Try it for free by filling out our questionnaire or booking an introductory call with our team.