March 29, 2022

What makes Camber different?

We believe in financial planning, evidenced-based decision-making, leveraging technology, and, always, acting in the client’s best interest.



Camber was founded with the mission to provide clarity to the complex. We are inspired by the passionate entrepreneurs who have come before us and are motivated to raise the quality of financial advice in Canada.

Financial Planning 

Knowledge is power, but wisdom is liberty. In today’s modern society, we are hyper-connected and inundated with news, tweets, and chats. At Camber, we help clients navigate the over-saturation of misinformation, avoid the pitfall short-cuts, and manage their FOMO (fear of missing out). Financial security happens with a good strategy and positive habits, and we believe that people who are better informed make better decisions. We prioritize getting to know our clients, so we can tailor a solution to organize, simplify, and manage their personal needs.  


We believe that, in the long-term, evidence will always outperform emotions. Too often, we are distracted by the news of a friend-of-a-friend who made it rich betting big on the “next-big-thing.” No one can predict the future. Camber believes in clear eyes, not crystal balls.  

As discussed in our Investment Approach we take a scientifically-rigorous approach to investing your assets. Our portfolios are constructed using Nobel Prize-winning research, incorporating portfolio engineering, and leveraging technology to reduce risk, taxes, and fees.

Technology Inspired

We live during the greatest technological age, but looking at the financial services industry, you’d be hard-pressed to see it. At Camber, we want that to change. We actively research and incorporate the latest technologies across our business to help improve returns, lower costs, and enhance the client experience. This can be seen in our proprietary financial dashboards, investment management solutions, and digital onboarding experience. Camber is working to modernize traditional financial planning and investment advice. 

Fully Independent

Camber is not a subsidiary, division, or branch of another firm. We are a fully independent portfolio management firm unconstrained, unbiased, unbound to any pressures or opinions. Camber is an open architecture firm; alongside our unrivalled financial services professionals, we work with industry-leading technology providers, and give our clients access to the best-in-class investment solutions.