April 12, 2022

Why our boardroom looks like a living room

At Camber, the client experience is at the heart of our whole story



(Originally posted in 2020)

At Camber, the client experience is at the heart of our whole story. We have designed the company to create the most empowering experience possible, which is why our boardroom looks nothing like the ones you would find in other financial firms. Traditionally, the financial industry uses its boardrooms to create uncomfortable, stuffy, and intimidating environments. We do not believe they have done this on purpose, but we do think it shows that they have never thought about it. And that tells you something!

If the client is not the focus of the experience, then why do it? Our boardroom is designed to look more like a living room and the reason for that is simple but crucial. Within this room, our clients make some of the most important decisions of their lives. It is a place where people can feel vulnerable enough to share their hopes, their dreams, and most importantly, their fears. The Camber boardroom has been designed to foster a feeling of openness and is a space where you can ask the questions that are most important to you.

The industry has been slow to look at the experience through the eyes of a client. To walk a mile in their shoes. The principle of putting the client first is what the whole Camber story is about. At the end of the day, we work for our clients and are trying to create an experience, education, and service for them that they find valuable.

This room is very important to us and our clients, and we hope that you enjoyed learning a little about it.