August 10, 2022

Your financial dashboard

Camber’s financial dashboards are customized to each client and your unique situation. Providing clarity to your personal finances, and helping you achieve your long-term, financial goals.



For many, managing personal finances can be a daunting, anxiety-inducing task. It is an unavoidable part of our daily lives: handling monthly bills, paying the mortgage, dealing with unexpected expenses. It can become so task-driven that we lose focus on the long-term financial plan.

So what are we to do?

Information overload

Nowadays there is an abundance of information, tools, and resources available to help you on your financial journey. But there is very little to help you decipher the noise and misinformation, to distill fact from fiction.

We all have the friend-of-a-friend’s, sister’s, cousin who swears they can double your money in six months. There’s the social media finance influencer, touting how they make $6,000 in passive income a month. We’ve seen ads for a “master-class” on constructing a “bullet-proof” investment portfolio to have you retiring early. The options, and opinions, are everywhere and, seemingly, endless.

So where does one start? At the beginning with a plan. As the saying goes “a failure to plan is a plan for failure”.

At Camber, we believe everyone can benefit from financial planning. So much so that before we collect a single cent from our clients we spend a considerable amount of time and effort in creating a client’s financial dashboard; providing clarity to one’s personal financial situation, and helping to achieve long-term financial success.

What is a financial dashboard?

The Camber financial dashboard is an in-depth, yet easy to understand depiction of your financial life.

We work with you to understand your income and assets, savings and spending, debts and desires. Incorporating technology and data driven assumptions, we tailor a customized financial plan for our clients, detailing where you are today, where you can be tomorrow, and what steps you need to take to achieve your future goals.

Building a financial dashboard

The process starts by filling out a short questionnaire where we collect information about you, your finances, and your life goals. Along with your investment statements, we take this information and build you an initial financial dashboard.

Next, we will meet to further refine your plan to make it as accurate, and personalized, as possible. Do you want to buy a vacation home? Do you want to travel the world? When do you want to retire? What does your ideal retirement look like? Buy a classic car and tour the country? We want to know how you want to live your life, so we can help make it happen.

Your financial dashboard is then further refined to reflect any new information and, through our interactive interface, overlays it against a variety of worse-case and best-case scenarios so you can see how your financial life can play out.

Personal finance can feel overwhelming

As discussed in our Money Mindfulness episode, Money and Your Life’s Narrative, personal finance “creates emotion – usually feelings that we would categorize as unpleasant or negative”, but it doesn’t have to.

Camber strives to make it a comfortable, intuitive experience, not something to be confused or intimidated by.