April 13, 2022

How Camber works to ensure your privacy is protected

At Camber, we take your privacy very seriously.



(Originally posted in 2021)

In today’s digital age, where more things than ever are happening remotely, your privacy has become very important. At Camber, we take your privacy very seriously. From the way we store documents to the partners we select to work with, every decision takes both privacy and security into consideration. Below we will outline some of the steps we are taking to protect your information.

We Ask Only for What we Need

In the course of dealing with Camber, you will be asked for varying amounts of information about yourself, your family, your finances, and your goals. At times it can seem like a lot! But, we are in the age of data, and it is clear that the best decisions are those made with the most accurate information. To build financial models, plans, and dashboards that make the most difference, we need very detailed information. Sharing it with us is your choice, but it is the only way for us to truly add value to your life. We ask for this information for one purpose only to give you the best advice possible.

We do not Share Your Data

At Camber, your data is yours. However, if you choose to permit us to share our insights with your other professionals, such as your accountants and lawyers; we are happy to do so. This allows your team of professionals to all work together on the same goal.

We do not Sell Your Data

Your data is used for one purpose, providing you with the most accurate insights to make informed decisions. At no time will we sell your data. We are paid by clients to help them not sell their information.

We Partner with Companies that Take Data Security Seriously

To collect, analyze, and store data, we use third-party providers. As a company, we have committed to using providers who follow GDPR standards. GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. Not the catchiest of phrases, but its intentions are 100% good:

  • Privacy. Your personal data is more protected than ever
  • Transparency. You have the right to see what companies know about you
  • Control. You have control over how your data is used

In simple terms, GDPR is about putting people first—something we could not agree with more. Below is a list of the partners that we use and links to their privacy policies:

  • Monday.com: To keep our clients on track we use Monday.com to help us deliver timetables and task lists for everyone involved. That way we can ensure everything gets done
  • Microsoft Power BI: When we present a dashboard to a client Microsoft Power BI is the display engine that they would see
  • Typeform: When you reach our survey and are sharing information, Typeform is the institution that generates those forms and secures your data. They employ 256-bit encryption. This is bank level protection!

What is Camber Doing to Ensure Your Security?

Not only have we made every effort to select the best partners, but we have also put several internal controls in place. Here is a recap of the things we have implemented so that you are in control of your data:

We hope that you can gain a clear understanding of the importance that we place on your personal information and the reason that we need it.