March 29, 2022

What to expect as a Camber client

Comprehensive service that goes beyond investment management. Educational, meaningful, and proactive communications tailored to you, your life, and your legacy.



Your advisor works for you and your money, not the other way around. This truth is at the forefront of our service model and is a responsibility we humbly accept every day.

Camber Service Team

The Camber Service Team is your team. We are here to anticipate problems, deliver solutions, and help with whatever life throws your way. Our service approach is based on the foundations of educational, meaningful, and proactive communications, focusing on more than the investments but on you, your life, and your legacy.


Switching advisors can be a high-stress experience. At Camber, your Service Team takes ownership of the process, typically viewed as time-consuming and document-heavy, and delivers an experience more synonymous with quick and simple. Working closely with our Financial Planners and leveraging our interactive tools, we streamline data-collection and document preparation. When you are ready to proceed, your Camber accounts are opened, and your assets promptly delivered. Your Service Team will be in contact with you at every step, providing you with proactive updates from initiation until completion.

Client communication schedule

Once your accounts are opened and invested, Camber is here to serve: proactively managing administrative time-wasters (what we refer to as “energy-vampires”), communicating quarterly account statements and performance reports, and actively monitoring and reviewing your financial trajectory. You may only hear from us 5-times a year or you can hear from us as many times as your phone plan allows. 

Shining light on the “energy-vampires”

Time is your greatest asset, and one, many of us, fail to allocate properly. Much of our time is spent checking items off our “To-Do” lists: 

Have I topped up my TFSA account? Check

Did I remember to get my cash invested? Check.

Do I have all my necessary tax documentation? Check.

Did I contribute to my kid’s RESP? Check.  

At Camber, we not only ensure proper allocation of your investments but, also, of your time. Your Service Team works behind the scenes, organizing and automating your financial “To-Do” so you can allocate your time where it will generate the greatest returns. Here is an example of the depth and breadth of what we help manage:

Our team is your team.